Renan Koen

Pianist, flutist and composer was born in Ankara, Turkey 1971, started her early studies in music with flute in 1979, and piano with Ali Darmar, and Ayşegül Sarıca. Between 1985-1986, she furthered her studies in piano in Paris with Germaine Mounier. In 1990, she studied in London with the pedagogue Maria Curcio and her assistant Mark Swartzentruber. She started to study composition and electronic music with Pieter Snapper and Reuben de Lautour in 2004. Mrs. Koen believes that the most important mission of music is to unite and to heal. Following the call of this mission, the artist went to Athens and completed the “Art et Qualite de Vie – L’art en Prevention Therapie et Pedagogie” program. This has made her the only female Turkish member of “La Societe Hellenique du Musicotherapie et Expression Creative”. She has been working on her project “Interactions in World Music” with soprano Şebnem Ünal since 1993. She became Universal/Taxim Edition’s artist since 2006 and published album “bridges” in 2008.

Yüksel Kip

Conductor, teacher, singer and composer, was born in Istanbul, Turkey, 1937. She took academic education and graduated in 1957 from Istanbul Municipality Music School (Music Academy) where she first has took musical technical notion from the great masters; Mes‟ud Cemil, Nevzat Atlıg, Munir Nurettin Selçuk, Emin Ongan, Sive Baykut, Nurten Sürelsan. During 1956 and 1957 she attended the Higher Turkish Music conservatory where she sang and conducted. She became the conductor of female chorus “Kadınlar Toplulugu” between 1977-1982. She awarded a mansion with her song named “Yüce daglar ne heybetli ve hasmetli durursunuz” in TRT (Turkish Radio Television) -1978 Composition Contest. She worked and sung for Turkish Radio. She composes songs and instrumental pieces.

Afrodita Katmeridu

(7.4.1956) studied composition with Frantisek Emmert, Miloslav Istvan, Alois Pinos, and Zdenek Zouhar at the Janacek Academy of Music. She has written Chamber music: Two Miniatures for solo violin (1978), String Quartet No. 1 (1979), No. 2 (1981), No. 3 (1985), No. 4 (1999); Barbaric Dance and Finale for solo violin (1985); Voices of the Past, for voice, clarinet, piano, and viola; Rapsody for solo violin (2002). While her orchestral works include: Impulsioni e meditationi per violino solo e orchestra (1982), Prelude for String Orchestra (1983), Impressions for String Orchestra (1995); Concerto for violin, orchestra, and percussion. She has also composed Electroacoustic music.