Zdenka Kosnarova

(born in 1971 in Opava, Czech Republic, resident in Lisbon), composer. She studied at the Conservatory of Ostrava and Conservatory Jezka in Prague, where she concluded the piano course and composition course. She continued her musical studies at the Superior musical School of Prague, where she concluded a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree in composition. In 2009, under the Erasmus Program, she integrated the composition course at the Escola Superior de Musica de Lisboa. As a pianist, she has performed concerts as soloists and with groups of Chamber Music and did several recordings for the Czech Radio. She has performed about 30 pieces of contemporary composers, Czech premiers, as a soloist of several orchestras with the Czech Radio orchestra. She performed improvisations for cinema, through the exibition of old movies, at the Ponrepo Cinema in Prague between 1995 and 2010. She also works with the Jazz group Lècba neklidem. She worked as a piano teacher at the Conservatory J. Jezka in Prague. As a pianist accompanist, she has been working with dancers, choirs, singers and instrumentalists. As composer she has written several orchestral pieces. She is founder and member of Saxophone and Piano duo Double Trouble with the saxophonist Rita Nunes. Currently she works as pianist accompanist at the Coservatorio Regional de Alhandra and at the Academia de Musica de Almada, Portugal at the Academia de Musica de Almada (Portugal).
Selected works: Orchestra: Sang softly melodrama for speaker, baritone and piano; Prima Vera III, for saxophone and piano; Silvers, for saxophone, On the flaming stone lead sheets based on the lyrics by T. Bernhard for bass solo, trumpet, mixed choir and piano; Let's have cappuccino after lunch for English horn and violoncello; When you're gone melodrama on the lyrics by V.Fischer for speaker and piano; Together for mezzosoprano, flute, guitar and piano. Piano works: Inside; At the end of the beginning; Three dances.

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Irena Kosìkovà

(born in 1954, in Prague), composer. She grew up in the intellectual family of the forbidden philosopher Karel Kosik. She studied organ performance (J. Potmèsilovà) and conducting (K. Fiala) at Ježek's Conservatory and she took private composition lessons from M. Raichl. She wasn't allowed further studies because of political reasons. Finally after the Velvet Revolution 1989, she was accepted at AMU organ performance. Recently her work Stopy was chosen for the CD release of the Project Prague-Brno 2005: 6"Contemporary Composers for Cello Solo in the interpretation of František Brikcius", under the auspices of Vàclav Havel. She gives organ concerts and is also intensively composing. Her works have been performed in the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Sweden and the United Kingdom. As an organist she specialises in the interpretation of organ works written by Johann Sebastian Bach, including performances of the complete Organ Toccatas, Voluntaries, Leipzig Chorals, The Art of Fugue, Organ Mass.
Selected works: Sonata Wind Mills, for flute solo; Fantasie for Basson Solo; Campane perdurte for piano solo; La Nuit Blanche for Trumper solo; Funambule for organ solo; Neverending Flight; Dance on the Moon.

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Ivana Kis

(born in 1979, in Zagreb, Croatia, resident in Israel), composer of classical music, electronic music and music theatre. She finished her Bachelor composition studies with Marko Ruzdjak ( 2002), and her Master studies in the Royal Conservatory of the Hague with Louis Andriessen, Gilius van Bergeijk and Diderik Wagenaar (2006). Her compositions have been performed by many ensembles such as Asko Ensemble, Maarten Altena Ensemble, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra Netherlands Blazers Ensemble and the Croatian Television Symphonic Orchestra. In the last few years her career has been developing in the direction of creating music theatre performances. She is currently professionally active in Croatia, the Netherlands and Israel. She was commissioned to compose and perform the music theatre piece "Robe of Feathers"by Korzo theatre Den Haag, the music theatre piece "Look at her look at her look at her" by Diamant fabriek productions. She performed the piece Unreparable 7 minute study by Asko ensemble, and the piece "Sell yourself in marketplace" in den Haag and Tel Aviv.
Selected works: Temporay e!. harpsichord, 2004, After the breakdown- choir and tape, 2005, Unreparable 7 minute study about not getting to the right time- chamber ensemble, 2006, Sell yourself in marketplace-female singer, ensemble of toy instruments, ensemble of real instruments, tape 2006, Robe of feathers- music theatre piece, 2007, Big John Campbell's last song- classic guitar, 2008, Look at her look at her look at her- music theatre piece, 2009, Rosa's way home-basset clarinet (or alto saxophone) and classical guitar, 2009, Galijot- 2 female singers and tape, 2011, Lament for Joe D. Busker- chamber ensemble, 2012.

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