Lindha Kallerdahl

(born in Varberg, 1972, resident Gothenburg), is a singer and composer in the jazz avant garde scene. She has played with William Parker Sonic Youth, Fredrik Ljungqvist, Palle Danielsson, Thomas Gustavsson, Mariam Wallentin, Okkyung Lee, Nikke Ström and the sound artist Ikue Mori. She has always been a singer but she has also played the guitar, piano and bass. And Kallerdahl has played jazz, free improvisation and punk rock. Many times she has collaborated in the rock project Friends of the Tiger together with the guitar player Carl-Emil Svensson, Mairiam Wallentin and Samuel Hällkvist. She received the Jazz I Sverige award (Jazz in Sweden) 2001.
Selected recordings: Let's Dance, 2012, NORCD/Hoob Records; Beches Brew, 2009; Skoddeheimen - Skoddeheimen feat Lindha Kallerdahl, 2009, NORCD; Gold - Lindha Kallerdahl Solo, 2007, Hoob Jazz; Silent Arrow – TGLI, 2006, Footprint Records; Aidee - Johan Zakrisson, 2006, Apart Records; Love Supreme - Love Supreme, 2005, Hoob Records; Hidros 3 - Mats Gustavsson/Sonic Youth with friends, 2005, Small Town Supersound; 9 Swans Repeat – 9 Swans Repeat, 2003, GAC; Far from Alone – Lindha Svantesson, 2001, Caprice Records – 01

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Lenka Kozderkova Simkova

(born in Czech Republic, resident in Prague), composer . She studied and graduated at State Conservatory in Ostrava, Janacek's Academy of Music and Performing Arts. She has participated to several international courses of interpretation led by Severino Gazzelloni, Maurice Bourgh, Sandor Vegh, Zuzanna Ruzickova, Eli Eban. In 1994/1995 she gained the annual scholarship of the French government for study at Ecole Normale de Musique De Paris Alfred Cortot at professor Christian Lardè. Since 1994 she has been a member of the Czech French experimental group "Theatre Ensemble" and of the musical stage duo Goelan. Since 1995 she has been a member of the contemporary music ensemble Moens. She premiered many compositions of composers such as: Alois Piйos, Peter Graham, Jan Klusak, Ivana Loudova, Miroslav Pudlàk, Hanuš Bartoй, Lenka Kilic and some works were dedicated to her. She performs in the Czech Republic and abroad, France, Italy, USA, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, England. She teaches at the Prague International Mastercourse in Prague-Zbraslav and International Mastercourse in Teplice/ music without borders. In 2007 she performed the Zeitmasse of Karlheinz Stockhausen at Carnegie Hall in New York.
Selected works: Larus for flute and tape; Sans titre for flute, voice and tape; Cesta; Vagues for flute and percussion; The way for flute and percussion; Jazzík.

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Marina Kountouridou

(born in 1981 in Nicosia, Cyprus), composer. She graduated from The English School, Nicosia, studying piano with Pitsa Spyridaky and harmony with Maro Skordi. She studied at Hofstra University of New York, and graduated with a degree in composition. Her compositions were presented in two personal recitals, in the William Rosencrans Honors Recital, and in concerts of the Cyprus State Orchestra and the Cypriot Composers.
Selected works: Prelude and Fugue for string Orchestra, a song cycle based on Rimbaud's "Season in Hell"; Medea, musical theater piece.

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