Marta Jiračkova

(born in 1932 in Kladno, Czech Republic, resident in Czech Republic) composer. She studied with Emil Hlobil at the Prague Conservatory of Music, and after graduating in 1959 took a job in Czechoslovak Radio as a music editor. She studied harmony and composition with Alois Haba from 1962 to 1964, and took a break from composition, when she married conductor Vaclav Jiraček. After her husband died in an accident, she returned to study composition in the 1970s in Brno with Ctirad Kohoutek and Alois Pinos at the Janaček Academy of Music and Performing Arts. Her composition Ship of Fools (the Ship of Fools) was awarded the 1992 Prize of the Czech Music Fun. She has composed more than forty works, including vocal music, chamber music, symphonies, ballet, and music for radio and television.
Selected works: Glory Vollova's Confession, symphonic sketch with solo trumpet and soprano. Op 8(1973); A lesson of Composition, Three Movements for organ, string orchestra and percussion, op 35 (1988).Chamber works: Four Preludes, and an Interlude and Postlude for piano, op.5 (1972-1973); Dodekaria Trisis, sonata for basset horna and piano, op.43(1992). Vocal compositions: Lokha Geet, cycle of female Choruses, Op. 2(1972); Just So, five Duos for soprano and flute to a text by J.Prevert, op. 3 (1972); Saint Wenceslas, evocation of the Ancient Choral Manuscript for soprano, viola and piano, op. 39(1991); Electroacoustic compositions: Lullaby, radio musical image (synthetic montage), op.23a(1978); Bees and the Sunflower for the flute and tape, op.44 (1992), Five times a Woman, ballet variation for female voice and synthesizer, op.45(1992)