Evgenija Jeremic

Evgenija Jeremic (11/03/1991, Kragujevac, Republic of Serbia) attended music school „The Dr Miloje Milojević“, in Kragujevac. She finished primary music school for the piano and solo singing. After that she attended secondary music school where she studied Theory, Piano and Solo Singing. At the moment she is studying Vocal Singing at Faculty of Philology and Arts in Kragujevac with Marina Trajković-Bidžovski, which was the student of Primadonna Assoluta, Radmila Bakočević. She won several first and second prices like International competition “Nikola Cvejic” in The Town of Ruma, in 2009, where she won the First Prize and was appointed as Apsolute Winner - LAUREATE and The Republic Competition in the city of Belgrade, in may, 2011. Within the period of 2009-2011, she took part in concerts in Belgrade and Kragujevac: The Big Scene of Belgrade National Theatre, The Russian Home in Belgrade, The Galery of Kragujevac National Museum, First and second Kragujevac Gymnasia. In 2011, she was acepted to be a member of Opera Studio in Belgrade National Theatre led by Primadonna Assoluta Radmila Bakočević. In her twenty, she got the role of Sister Dolcina in Puccini’s opera “Sister Angelica” (“Suor Angelica”).

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