Kerstin Jeppsson

(born 1948 in Nyköping, Sweden) contemporary composer - studied at State Academy of Music - today the Royal College of Music in Stockholm 1968-73 and she graduated 1973 as a music teacher. At the same time she studied composition with Maurice Karkoff. An exchange fellowship enabled her to continue her studies at the Cracow Conservatory 1974 and 1977, where she studied composition with Krzysztof Meyer and Krzysztof Penderecki, conducting with Józef Radwan and violin with Ariadna Lwowicz. In 1977 she took a B.A. degree at the University of Stockholm. She graduated as a Master of Fine Arts at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, in 1979. Kerstin Jeppsson’s interest in poetry is reflected by her numerous vocal compositions to words by such Swedish writers as Edith Södergran Kvinnosånger, Lars Forssell  To you, Göran Sonnevi  Impossible, Karin Boye Fem koraler, Jag vill möta, Pär Lagerkvist Tre sånger om livet i romantisk stil, Ulla Olins, Embrio. A great deal of her output, however, is purely instrumental music, e.g. the highly personalized Crisis for strings and percussion. Chamber music is also included in her primary interests, as witness String quartet no. 1, no. 2,  Vocazione  and  Prometheus - a piece for percussion, fraught of contrasts in dynamics.  In the piano piece Fantasia appassionata she captures both rhythmic, dance-like characteristics and moods of tranquil introspection.
Selected works: Fyra små stycken, 1972, for pf; Notturno, 1979, for str; En dröm, 1980, for pf; Canta cromàtico, 2003, for 2 vl; Hindemith in memoriam, 1974 for bcl, pf, Tendenze, 1986, for vl,vla,vlc,pf; Dans, 1989, for 1-5 vlc, pf, 5 batt; Saknad – en monolog för orgel, 2005 for org; Arabesque, 1989, for 2 vlc; Tre petitesser, 1972, for 2 fl.
Publications directions: Available at Svensk Musik Swedmic AB
Awards: She was elected to the Society of Swedish Composers 1977. The same year she was awarded the Roayl Academy of Music Travel Grant. 1978 Swedish America Foundation cash grant as well as Arts Grants Committee travel grant.

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