Viera Janárčeková

(born in 1951, in Svit, Slovakia, resident in Bamberg, Germany), composer. She studied at the Conservatory in Bratislava and at the AMU (Music Academy) in Prague. Presently she is living in Bamberg, working as a free lance composer. She successfully attended the International Courses for New Music in Darmstadt, primarily with György Kurtág, and her music is broadcast and performed at highly reputed Music Festivals – Aspekte, Vom Schweigen befreit, Unerhörte Musik, Ost-West-Podium, Melos-Ethos (Slovkie), misomusik (Portugal); in 2000, when she was invited by Gidon Kremer as Composer-in-residence to the Kammermusikfest in Lockenhaus. She has received many prizes for her compositions in Europe. After exploring different styles, oriented along classical and Czech Modern, she found her own style, encompassing highly evolved universes of resonance and sound, requirend new techniques of playing, notation, continuous refinement and enhancement of already existing ones.
Selected works: Orchestral works: De aeternitatis concentu, string orchestra with bells and viola solo, 2012; Twist, full orchestra, 2010-2011; Piano Concerto, 2008-9; Dotyk, String Orchestra, 1996; Beyond repair, 1993; Gianozzo, 1993; Ashrukantha Strings, Harp and Piano, 1991.Chamber Music: Four mutants Tango, accordion, cello 2012; Four apocalyptic horsemen, Organ, 2011; Bezirzungen, Accordion, 2011; Nonet, 2009
Awards: Seoul International Competition

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