Pascale Jakubowski

Pascale Jakubowski (born in Algeria, resident in France) composer. She studied musical theory, composition and analysis at the Conservatoire National de Region de Bordeaux and she obtained the highest award. She established early correspondence between certain works of visual artists and developed a sonic palette with tools experimented at IRCAM in Paris. During her residencies, she has exuded a kind of utopia, designing partitions which combines musicians from different cultural backgrounds and, in June 2005, she obtained the prices of SACEM and Pierre et Germaine Labole. She also responds to requests for the most singular aspect and virtuoso of her language. Her work for piano, Alliance, has been selected for the Dutilleux contest. Poetry is a source of inspiration for her creation. At a conference on the haiku at the University of Lyon, she supported the interpretation of her compositions from her reflections on the function of the sketch, the confrontation of cultures and poetic language as the birthplace of musical architecture. In Le Haïku en France and Rencontre entre artistes et mathématiciennes, two books published editions by Kimé (collection “Les cahiers de la Marge”) and by L’Harmattan, she invites us to share her artistic and intellectual adventure. Her works are broadcast during programs devoted to her on France-Musique and France-Culture. She was commissioned by the state, Radio France, festivals, departments and soloists.
Selected works: Exil, 2010,  for guitar, first performance, The Permanent University of Nantes; Sous tes cils une énigme, 2010, concerto for clarinet B, bass clarinet, double bass and instrumental ensemble (fl C/G, ob, eh, fag/cfag, tr, cor, trb, archi quintet, perc), first performance by the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain, Opera Saint-Étienne, EOC commission;  Sous les pierres plates, 2009, concerto for two clarinets and orchestra; Di-li, 2006, for piano and baritone, Radio France commission, first performance Radio France, June 2006; Look at mi, 2005, for violin and cello, Cid-Femmes du Luxembourg commission, first performance Luxembourg; Le destin des petits riens, 2005, electroacoustic piece in a plastic environment of Proudhom Francis, state commission, first performance by Orell Vallet, Proudhom Francis and Pascale Jakubowski, 2006; Hautes Terres, 2004, for  violin, Mezzo-Soprano, saxophone tenor, horn, oboe solo, wind band and accordions ensemble, first performance, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence;  Dans les yeux des nomades, 2000, electroacoustic music, CD in Rencontres entre artistes et mathématiciennes, edition L’Harmattan, state commission; Concertino pour saxophone soprano et octuor de violoncelles, 1998, first performance, international festival of Fiuggi (Italy), festival commission; Sur la lune deux cils gris, 1997, for clarinet in B, first performance by Paul Roé, National Concert Hall of Dublin, 1999, in Le Haïku en France collection Les cahiers de la Marge.
Awards: Hautes Terres, 2004, prices SACEM and Pierre et Germaine Labole