Dragana S. Jovanović

(Belgrade, 30 th January 1963), studied composition at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade with Srđjan Hofman and Milan Mihajlović. She worked first as a music assistant for Radio Belgrade and then in the Josip Slavenski music high school. Since 1999 she has been working in the Faculty of Music in Belgrade where she teaches harmony. She has won the following Prizes and awards: II the AB RE composition prize for electrical guitar, symphony orchestra in Bologna, 1999 and she was also a finalist in the First Santa Cecilia Composition competition, Italy, 1999, as well as the Stevan Hristic Prize. Her works have been performed in Serbia, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, the Slovak Republic, France and Italy and include: Usijanje, for piano, symphony orchestra, Message from Trafalmador, Nemiri, for string orchestra, So Far So Close, Zvrk, State of confusion, Way out; as well as music for cinema and television.