Anja Jacobsen

(born in Denmark) composer, singer. She is percussionist and keyboardist. In 2008 she founded the group Valby Vokalgruppe in which she is the main composer and band leader. Anja Jacobsen is also co-composer and drummer in the band Selvhenter, and the composer of Oum, a vocal performance for 13 singers. She is co-founder of the label and art collective Eget Værelse and former composer, drummer and lead singer of the band Kirsten Ketsjer-the Rockband. She made 5 performances of Oum at Mayhem, Nordvest, Copenhagen. In 2007 she made a tour in Denmark and Sweden with The Yoyooyoy multi show, and for 3 months she made a study tour and 14 concerts in New York and around with Kirsten Ketsjer. From 1997 to 1999 she was co-composer and lead singer of the band Colorful.
Selected works: Bah New Era by Valby Vokalgruppe; Frk. B. Fricka by Selventher; Release of the 10 vinyl 'De Syv Mundes Fest by Valby Vokalgruppe; Release of the album Ffff k tsscch' by Kirsten Ketsjer; Release of the EP Risky Business by Kirsten Ketsjer.
Awards: She receives the talent prize The Young and Coming from Jazz Club Loco