Teresina Jordà

(born in 1960 in Lérida, Spain). Composer, pianist and teacher. She has had numerous solo performances, with Pepita Cervera, and orchestras in auditoriums around the world. She directs the International Center for Postgraduate Cervera-Jorda. She has an extensive and award-winning discography. As a songwriter she has premiered more than 150 works and edited in CD. She is creator of the show Danzas y rosas al viento and with Pepita Cervera of the "Espacios de Música Cervera- Jordà" (Madrid) -forum meeting literary, scientific, artistic and opinion. As a researcher, she studies the Music Cathedral Albarracin and the Aran Valley Music, from which the work Resonancias acústicas sobre temas autóctonos emerged.
Selected works: Pepita Cervera: Anécdotas y Vivencias. Editorial Milenio; "Quimera azul" (books).