Ewa Jacobsson

(born in Sweden, 1956, resident Norway), has since the early 80's worked as a composer and artist in the visual arts. Exhibitions, installations, performance and pure sound art or visual art is her way of expressions and she often works with electro acoustic music. The compositions and the visuals are as strong elements in Jacobsson's works and integrate with each other. Jacobsson has studied at School of Arts and Craft, (Konstfack), Stockholm, Teaterstudions Grotowski School, Stockholm, Vuxenskolans Art School, Uppsala, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation School of Architecture, in Copenhagen. She also studied classical piano and voice. Jacobsson is a member of NKF (The Nordic Art Association) and NBK (Neue Berliner Kunstverein). Her work Breathing House II, a site-specific installation, was made for the Nordiska Musikdagarna (The Nordic Music Days) in Stockholm in 2012. Another work to mention is The Happy Happy Leaves, (2008) a song cycle containing seven songs for soprano and concrete sounds with lyrics by Emily Dickinson. Time is important to Jacobsson - works happening now, in fact - and the contrast between processed and unprocessed material in her work shows the tension between.
Selected works: Le Bonnheur, for 2 sound compositions; Chrystal Pigs etc, 1983, sound art work; Contemporary Lies; Combinations of Truth; To Confirm A Real Room.

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