Pilar Jurado

(born in Madrid, Spain, in 1968). Soprano, composer and conductor. She began her studies at the Madrid Royal Music Conservatory when she was 8 years old, where she studied piano, singing, composition, musicology, music education and conducting. She expanded her training in specialized courses with masters like Leonardo Balada, Luis de Pablo, Javier Darias, Tom Johnson and Franco Donatoni. She is counterpoint professor at the Madrid Royal Music Conservatory. As a composer, she has received numerous commissions from various institutions such as the Fundacion Juan March and Centro para la Difusión de la Música Contemporánea, and the Royal Theater. In 2011 the premiere of her opera La página en blanco commissioned by the Royal Theater. With it she was the first woman composer in history to see her opera represented at the Royal Theater.
Selected works: Ablanathanalba, 1998, s, sax s, 4 sax, 2 perc, pf; Al mar... agua, 1998, pf 4 hands; Amarganz (1. Amarganz- 2. Oglamar- 3. Pyernajzarck- 4. Muhru- 5. Hynreck), 2000, vl, pf; Ámbar en tiza, 2005, tr, 2 vl, vla, vlc; Avec moi, 1993, cl, vla, chi, pf, tape; Besa el aura, 1989, s, pf; Castillo de Damas nº 8, picc, timp, perc, vibr, string; Como la luna, 2006, s, perc, pf; Concierto breve para cuerdas II, 2001, string orchestra; Cuarteto de cuerda nº 2 (1. Presto- 2. Lentamente- 3. Veloce), 1996, 2vl, vla, vlc.
Awards: Reina Sofia American Award, 1992; Jacinto Guerrero 1992; Cristóbal Halffter, 1993; SGAE Award 2nd, 1994, 1st SGAE Award, 1997; Critical Eye Award RNE Classical Music, 1998 (for her triple role as songwriter, singer and conducter) and Villa de Madrid 2000 Award.

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Rada Jandrich

(Jandrić) Neal (Rheinbeck, Germania, 8th December, 1950) pianist, teacher and composer, was born in a displaced persons camp in Germany, the daughter of two Serbian refugees. Her family moved to Indiana where she studied the violin and piano when her neighbours moved, leaving their upright piano as a gift to Rada's family. Her mother spoke seven languages, left Serbia at the age of seventeen and never saw her family again. In Indiana her mother owned a small store while her father worked in a steel mill and it was thanks to their sacrifices that Rada studied and gained a B.A. in music at Indiana University, in 1973. She subsequently taught music for three years in Merrillville, Indiana, was accompanist for the US Steel Choir, Gary Indiana, pianist for the Guadalajara National Philharmonic, and performer in many hotels and clubs in California. She writes melodic and romantic compositions promoted through a number of Cds with instrumental works and with others featuring electronic keyboard embellishments (strings and new-age-like textures). Her works include the following, written between 2005 and 2010: Snowfall, We're free, Rock-a-bye-reese, Years'end, Song of the hummingbird, Spirit of the wind, Morning dance, Enchanted castle, Mia bella, A brave journey.

Raquel Jurado

(born in Córdoba, in 1970). Composer and teacher. She obtained her degree in Harmony and Composition at the Conservatory of Córdoba, becoming professor of composition in 1992. She received a scholarship for four years from the Junta de Andalucía to join the Composition Aula "Manuel de Falla", under the direction of composer Javier Darias. She has been commissioned by the Ministry of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía, School Composition ECCA, the Manuel de Falla Chair of the University of Cadiz and the Parliament of Andalusia, among others. Her research interest focuses on the thought and work of composer John Cage, having participated in conference cycles offered by the University of Córdoba. She has also participated as a speaker at the workshop Mujeres y creación musical actual, sponsored by the Andalusian Institute for Women.
Selected works: Adikia, 1998, chi; Castillo de damas (Eodem): Homenaje a Manuel Castillo, timb, vibr, mar, string; Críptico, string orchestra, perc; He3figurado, 1998, ob, cl, fg, vl, vlc, pf, perc; Mizar, 1996, chi, symphony orchestra; No- Eter, 1999, cl, vlc, pf; Sino, sax s, pf; Sonidos negros, symphony orchestra; Tangrama, 2003, fl, perc, pf.