Maguy Joseph

(born in 1974, Normandie, resident in France), composer. Recorder player, she was a student of Michelle Tellier and Sébastien Marq at the conservatories of the 6th and 7th arrondissements of Paris. She followed the course of composition with Edith Canat de Chizy and Christian Dachez, she met Renaud Gagneux and Georges Aperghis (2003-2009). She studied at the Ecole Normale de Musique Alfred Cortot the orchestral conducting with Dominique Rouits (2008-2009). The events that triggered the act of composing were the listening of  Thrène à la mémoire des victimes d'Hiroshima  of Penderecki and Nuits  of Xenakis at the age of 13. The potential of musical language became a place to explore. The quality of attention and the investment of children of the Conservatory of Roissy-en-Brie in the creation of three pieces of the Les Fables de La Fontaine is a precious memory. The extraction of the inner world of sound to the outside is incredible in each piece.
Selected works: Vaslav, for recorder, narrator and percussive dance, 2004;  Hypothèse, trio for countertenor  and two voices recorded, 2005; Salve Régina,  for children's choir, 2010; Les fables de La Fontaine, three pieces for children' choir, recorder and trio:  flute, harp and viola,  2010;  Perpétuelle incise, for string quartet, 2011; Irrévérence, for piano,  2012.

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Margareta Jeric

(born in 1982, in Zagreb, Croatia, resident in Montreal), composer. She first began her musical training at the age of five at the Zagreb School of Music in her native Croatia. After having moved to Canada, she started off with piano lessons at the McGill Music Conservatory. Various prizes and grants were awarded to her throughout her studies at Pierre Laporte and Vincent d'Indy, which led ultimately to a degree in music theory at the University of Montreal. Pursuing her training as a pianist under Gilles Manny, she discovered the world of contemporary music and is now fully dedicated to it. She has a Master's degree in composition under Alan Belkin with the first Prize in the OUM Competition with her piano concerto. She was also commissioned to compose a work for orchestra. Upload is dedicated to her mentor and friend, Michel Longtin. It was performed, during the 2007-2008 MNM homage to Vivier series, under the direction of Jean–François Rivest. During the summer of 2008, she obtained a composition residency at the Banff Center for the Arts where she had the opportunity to work with masters Jonathan Berger and Giorgio Magnanensi. In November 2008 the Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica invited Margareta to the premiere of her piece Bailo performed by the trio Fibonacci in Rome. Over time, she also received several bursaries for graduate studies from the University of Montreal.
Selected works: Bailo; Upload 2008; Chanson a boir;M Yellow boots(le bottes jaunes).
Award: the first prize for the composition for alphorn and brass instruments by the Swiss Embassy in Canada (competition 2009-2010), composition prize to create a chamber opera by the University of Montreal (competition 2010-2011).


Marta Jiračkova

(born in 1932 in Kladno, Czech Republic, resident in Czech Republic) composer. She studied with Emil Hlobil at the Prague Conservatory of Music, and after graduating in 1959 took a job in Czechoslovak Radio as a music editor. She studied harmony and composition with Alois Haba from 1962 to 1964, and took a break from composition, when she married conductor Vaclav Jiraček. After her husband died in an accident, she returned to study composition in the 1970s in Brno with Ctirad Kohoutek and Alois Pinos at the Janaček Academy of Music and Performing Arts. Her composition Ship of Fools (the Ship of Fools) was awarded the 1992 Prize of the Czech Music Fun. She has composed more than forty works, including vocal music, chamber music, symphonies, ballet, and music for radio and television.
Selected works: Glory Vollova's Confession, symphonic sketch with solo trumpet and soprano. Op 8(1973); A lesson of Composition, Three Movements for organ, string orchestra and percussion, op 35 (1988).Chamber works: Four Preludes, and an Interlude and Postlude for piano, op.5 (1972-1973); Dodekaria Trisis, sonata for basset horna and piano, op.43(1992). Vocal compositions: Lokha Geet, cycle of female Choruses, Op. 2(1972); Just So, five Duos for soprano and flute to a text by J.Prevert, op. 3 (1972); Saint Wenceslas, evocation of the Ancient Choral Manuscript for soprano, viola and piano, op. 39(1991); Electroacoustic compositions: Lullaby, radio musical image (synthetic montage), op.23a(1978); Bees and the Sunflower for the flute and tape, op.44 (1992), Five times a Woman, ballet variation for female voice and synthesizer, op.45(1992)