Evgenija Jeremic

Evgenija Jeremic (11/03/1991, Kragujevac, Republic of Serbia) attended music school „The Dr Miloje Milojević“, in Kragujevac. She finished primary music school for the piano and solo singing. After that she attended secondary music school where she studied Theory, Piano and Solo Singing. At the moment she is studying Vocal Singing at Faculty of Philology and Arts in Kragujevac with Marina Trajković-Bidžovski, which was the student of Primadonna Assoluta, Radmila Bakočević. She won several first and second prices like International competition “Nikola Cvejic” in The Town of Ruma, in 2009, where she won the First Prize and was appointed as Apsolute Winner - LAUREATE and The Republic Competition in the city of Belgrade, in may, 2011. Within the period of 2009-2011, she took part in concerts in Belgrade and Kragujevac: The Big Scene of Belgrade National Theatre, The Russian Home in Belgrade, The Galery of Kragujevac National Museum, First and second Kragujevac Gymnasia. In 2011, she was acepted to be a member of Opera Studio in Belgrade National Theatre led by Primadonna Assoluta Radmila Bakočević. In her twenty, she got the role of Sister Dolcina in Puccini’s opera “Sister Angelica” (“Suor Angelica”).

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Ewa Jacobsson

(born in Sweden, 1956, resident Norway), has since the early 80's worked as a composer and artist in the visual arts. Exhibitions, installations, performance and pure sound art or visual art is her way of expressions and she often works with electro acoustic music. The compositions and the visuals are as strong elements in Jacobsson's works and integrate with each other. Jacobsson has studied at School of Arts and Craft, (Konstfack), Stockholm, Teaterstudions Grotowski School, Stockholm, Vuxenskolans Art School, Uppsala, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation School of Architecture, in Copenhagen. She also studied classical piano and voice. Jacobsson is a member of NKF (The Nordic Art Association) and NBK (Neue Berliner Kunstverein). Her work Breathing House II, a site-specific installation, was made for the Nordiska Musikdagarna (The Nordic Music Days) in Stockholm in 2012. Another work to mention is The Happy Happy Leaves, (2008) a song cycle containing seven songs for soprano and concrete sounds with lyrics by Emily Dickinson. Time is important to Jacobsson - works happening now, in fact - and the contrast between processed and unprocessed material in her work shows the tension between.
Selected works: Le Bonnheur, for 2 sound compositions; Chrystal Pigs etc, 1983, sound art work; Contemporary Lies; Combinations of Truth; To Confirm A Real Room.

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Hanne Tofte Jespersen

(born in 1956, in Roskilde, Denmark, resident in Roskilde), composer, singer, pianist, organist. She was educated at the University of Copenhagen (MA in music, BA in film/TV). She composes for and performs with musicians in both classical and contemporary music; combining vocals, instrumentals and recital with inspiration from choral music and folk tones of Nordic countries and the British Isles. Also from traditional music and dance and the polyrhythmic universe of Ghana, West Africa where she worked from 1993-99, and European classical music. She formed the Scandinavian crossover ensemble Music for the Mysteries in 2007. She made the first performance of the Testimony of Melangell as total art during the Schubertiade 2011 in coll.with Museum of Contemporary Art. She was commissioned for the inauguration at Ny Vor Frue may 2010 her piece Suite for poems by George Herbert for organ. She has artistic leadership of Ensemble music for the Mysteries since 2008.
Selected works: Farvespillet (the play of Colours) 2013 for vl, cl, bsn, perc, recital & children's audience; The testimony of Melangell/ Melangells Vidnesbyrd 2011 for contralto, sopr, alto, tenor, bass baritone, vl; CD The Testimony of Mellagell Meridian Records 2012; Suite for poems by George Herbert 2010 for mezzo, alto, tenor soloists; The Seven Natures 2007 for 2 singers, vl D.B, P, perc; Vision of Enoch 2007 for 2 singers, Peace 2005 for SATB, Julemanden Julle 2010 for children's choir, vl, D.B, P, PERC; Rosen I Norden (The Rose in the North) 2006 for children's choir.
Awards: Winning competition New Music Tales for Children leading to comission of Farvespillet, with composer's fee from Danish Arts Foundation, first performed in DR Concert House April 2013; grants from DJBFA, Nordic Culture Point and the Danish Arts Foundation.

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