Pauliina Isomaki

(born in 1964 in Vehmaa, Finland), composer. She studied musicology at Ǻbo Akademi (Turku) and piano with Dorothy Lewis Griffith in the U.S.A Her style is best described as neo-classicism. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in 1987 in the U.S.A and MA in Ǻbo Akademi in musicology. She has taught in the Parainen music school 1988-1990, Turku Swedish school 1990-1993, Turku Regional Music institute 1996. She has appeared as recorder in Turku castle, as recorder in Turku Opera Association. She is member of the Society of Finnish composers.
Selected works: chamber works: Narcissus on the Praire, 1991, oboe, percussion; Sonatina, 1994, for Violin and Piano, violin and piano; Fanfare à la Paganini 1995/1998; Small things 1-3 1997 violin and piano, Nameless discovers counterpoint 1999/2000; Alkusoitto 2000, 2 Trumpets, organ; Moods 2001, soprano saxophone, piano; Meditation 2004, bass recorder, organ. Works for Solo Instruments: White Surf, 1998, cello; Seawards, out into the world, 2002-2003 accordion.