María Isabel Jäckel Cuesta

(born in Barcelona, Spain, on 1st August 1946). Composer, choir conductor and teacher. She began her musical studies at the Conservatory of Music in Barcelona specializing in guitar. She studied harmony, counterpoint and chamber music with Pich Santasusana, Poch and Lluís Maria Millet. She has also supplemented her training in piano and organ. Her professional work has focused on teaching, but also formed part of the Grup d'Havaneres Aura and has conducted several choirs and instrumental ensembles.
Selected works: El aire se llena de gloria: villancico, 2006, choir (voices- bi); Al pasar el tiempo: Habanera, 1994, choir (voices- bi), chi; Los álamos, 1973, chi; Aldebarán, 1990, pf; Algo lejano, 2000, pf; Capricho clásico, 2001, pf; Como el aire, 1992, choir (4 voices- bi); Coronilla de la Divina Misericordia, 2005, choir (voices- bi); Dime pasiegu, dime: Villancico, 1993, choir (voices- bi), chi.