Karin Höghielm

(born1962 on Gotland, resident Gnesta, Sweden), is Swedish composer, singer and musician. She has undertook studies in composition, different vocal techniques and classical piano. She has written music for choir, organ and chamber-settings. As a singer she is strongly influenced by classical singing and folk music, from wordless singing to Latin, old Nordic, Sumerian and Coptic. Karin also plays wineglasses, bells, bone-flute, lyre and dulcimer and often uses recorded sounds in her compositions. She has also written scenic music for theatre, short film, short opera and dance.
Selected works: What does the light of the world sound like? - light/water/musicwork, Pildammsparken, Malmö, Sweden, 2001, com. by Malmö city. Prem. KH Ensemble, football supporters, 15 different languages, Åsa Wirling – light; Gutasagan short filmic opera with libretto in old Gotlandish, Roma Gotland 2002; Earth-Call for mixed Coro, lyrics Native Americans, com. and perf. by Östgöta chamber-choir, Linköpings Concert hall, 2005; Rökstenen for ottoni, perc. org, S, mixed Coro, lyrics old Nordic from runes, Östgöta chamber choir, Missionskyrkan Linköping, The threeformed Protennoia chamber orch, mixed Coro, lyrics coptic from Nag Hammadi, Sofia church choir/orch, Stockholm, 2010; Trees in Water, mixed Coro, European Overtone Choir, Rendsburg, Germany, 2011; Seven postludes com. Frustuna Parish 2012; Motet for 8 female voc, org, com. Lorelei-ensemble, Harvard, Boston, 2012; As the wind in the willow for fl, vlc composed for Kinga Práda Sagvik tour in Churches in Stockholm 2012.
Selected recordings: Fabra 2005 Särart Prod; RAUK 2012 Nosag Records.
Publications direction: Available at Svensk Musik Swedmic AB and Wessmans musik

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