Renate Hornstein

(born in 1982, in Vienna). She is the daughter of two classical musicians in Vienna in 1982. Through the constant presence of music at home-and thanks to her two mother tongues (English and German)-she was inspired early on to compose her first songs.
From the very beginning, the lyrics have  been just as important to her as the music itself. At the age of 12 she began her vocal training (with Kathy Sampson and  Kammersängerin Elfriede Höbarth). She also her expanded her vocal repertoire by attending pop and jazz workshops. Her first trio with Angelika Haas (piano) and Anna Rombach (cello) won the “Award 4 you” in 2000. Working as a duet with Thomas J.Lang (guitar), she played songs they had composed together and released her first album, which was presented at Vienna’s prominent jazz club porgy & Bess. Since 2006 she has worked in a quartet formation with Angelika Haas (piano), Lina Neuer (bass) and Rainer Deixler (drums). This group recorded the new album the very heart of things.
Works: Very heart of Things-once again with original songs/lyrics which appeared on the Extraplatte label in June 2008
Releases Orplid Skies with Thomas J. Lang (cd 2003);The very Heart of Things (cd 2008)

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