Aisha Inger Holm

(born in Snekkersten by Helsingør, Denmark, resident in Copenhagen), composer. She has studied at Royal Music Conservatory of Copenhagen, examen in 1982 (Music teacher, flute, composition). Voice training, Ray Heart Theatre. She was composer (also acting) in theatre by Brigitte Kolerus at the Theatre of the Black Horse, Copenhagen, 1985. She has participated at Musical tour with Algerian (Berber) singer Nora At Brahim (she played flute, violin and was singing) in Algeria in 1991. She has participated at Piano concert, Cité des Arts, Paris in 1991 with her music, concerts to Jakarta Art Festival (Indonesia) in 2001 and 2002 with her music, Piano concert in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2008
Selected works: Music to The women and Peace (Theatre by Brigitte Kolerus, Copenhagen, 1985); Les Enfants de la Flute (piano music, first played in Paris, Cité des Arts, in 1991); Music to theatre (Clombus) done by Kulturbussen Dagmar, Copenhagen 1995; 10 Paris compositions, Paris 1991; 10 songs, Berber inspiration, played together with Madjd Allaoua Copenhagen 1987; Music from the Heart, compositions about love, Copenhagen, 2012; Music to Indonesian Band, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2003; Music to videos about the life of Indonesian Spiritual teacher, Bapak Sumohadjovidjojo, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2001; Childrens´songs 1999-2009 (to use for the children of the world, also streetchildren).
Selected recordings: CD: Amor, 16 compositions, Copenhagen 2007)

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