Minna Kristiina Hokka

Finnish composer. She studied at Whitewater High School in 1992-1995, was Adventure Director at Paasikivi Institute, Turku, Finland in 1995-1996. She has frequented several courses: The ancient sacred song, op. I Reznikoff, 3 days; Harmonic Singing Association and the Turku Christian Institute, 2013. As an artist, work with the elderly, the ESF-funded training Can Square, Turku, Finland, 2012, Window Repair, 2 days, Turku renovation Association, 2010. She has received different grants: for Folk music and conversations with the elderly, the implementation of the project, the Finnish Cultural Foundation 2012 Concerts, the Arts Council of Southwest Finland 2012, Grant Shepherd musical study for the Finnish Cultural Foundation, 2007.
Selected works: Oodi oleinasselle; Tuuletusloitsu; Harmaaturkit; Moukan laulu; Miehen Metteita; Pienoiselle
Awards: Children's songs writing competition, Sock Shock Chess, Turku, Finland.

Contacts: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.minnahokka.com