Edina Hadžiselimović

(born in 1971, in Bosnia Herzegovina). Danish musician, composer, concert reviewer and teacher. She is originally from Bosnia-Herzegovina, but she has been a permanent resident in Denmark since 1992. She got her musical degree at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. She has composed works for many different instrumentations, amongst others vocal and instrumental solo works, string quartet, sinfonietta, choir, small chamber music ensembles, music theatre, symphony orchestra and chamber opera. Her works have been performed in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Austria by prominent ensembles such as Copehagen Phil, Ars Nova, Ensemble 2000 and Usinta Chamber Ensemble. Hadžiselimović has received several grants and prizes for her works.
Selected Works: Waiting in Nowhere 2009; String Quartet 1995/96, for string quartet; Didònai 1997, for solo violin; Accordare 1998, for violin, violoncello and accordion; Market Day 1998, for mixed chorus; Festina Lente 1999, for string quintet (expandable to string orchestra); In, 2000, for mixed chorus, text: Poul Borum; Festina Lente 2000, for sinfonietta; Jama Pause Music 1 2000 for violoncello and piano; Amma Pause Music 2, 2000 for violoncello and piano.

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