Jenny Hettne

(born in Gothebrug, 1977, resident Stockholm/Sweden), is a Swedish composer mainly in the chamber music and EAM fields. Her most important focus is sound and timbre. She finished her Master Degree in composition at the Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg University, in 2008. Hettne also studied at Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler, Berlin in 2007 and at Gotland School of Music Composition 2000-02. Her music has been performed by Musica Vitae, Gageego, Norrbotten Neo, The Peärls Before Swïne Experience, Caput, Duo Harpverk, The Griffyn Ensemble, ensemble dissonArt, Chamber Ensemble New Music which are ensembles from Sweden, Iceland, Australia, Greece and Ukraine. Wavering wood, whirling metal written for Duo Harpverk was released on the record The greenhouse sessions in 2012. Recently pianist Per Tengstrand and Jönköpings Sinfonietta premiered Krusning Skiktning for piano and orchestra. Hettne's close collaboration with the oboists Dimas Ruiz Santos and Magdalena Fronzcak resulted in Reed, chanting for oboe and tape, and performances in Sweden and Spain. The piece was selected for Nordic Music Days in Stockholm 2012, performed by Kennet Bohman. While she was dreaming for violin and tape is one of the pieces resulting from Hettne's collaboration with Karin Hellqvist. Tinkles, clinks and heavenly metal was premiered in Copenhagen in May 2013 by Faint Noise: Karin Hellqvist, violin, Anna Petrini, contrabass recorder and Malin Bång, soundobjects/electronics. Hettne is currently working on a piece for violin and ensemble to be premiered by Karin Hellqvist and Curious Chamber Players in 2014.
Selected works: Sand, tystnad, 2006, for str; Paths of wood and pearl, 2010 for fl, vl, vlc and pf; Backdrifting, 2006, for fl, trb, perc, pf/harm vlc; Chennai-7, 2004, for fl, ob, fag, tba, vl, vlc; Stjärnklart Glasklart, 2002, for fl, cl, perc, pf, 5 str; Musik för strängar, 2011, pf-qt; Ausencia 2005, for fl, vlc; Like a Locomotive, 2000, for pf, vlc; For Ashley, 2003, for prepared pf and tape; Sparkling/dead, 2003, for trb, tape and 3 dancers.
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