Michaela Hoppe

(born in Jakobsberg, 1965, resident Stockholm, Sweden) is a Swedish composer. She started to compose early in her childhood when she wrote small compilations for the piano, accordion and voice. Her classical writing started when she played the French horn in the Järfälla Symphony Orchestra and started to write an array of classical numbers. When Hoppe was 18 years old, she wrote her first piece for symphony orchestra which was performed the same year in Järfälla. Before attending the Bergslagens Chamber Orchestra summer course in 2007, Hoppe wrote Dagg och regn (Dew and Rain) for the classical wind quintet Berglagens Wind Quintet which also performed the piece at Fredrikshavns Chamber Music Festival in Denmark. Ever since, many Danish ensembles have performed the piece. Hoppe was appointed Composer of the year by Bergslagen's Chamber Orchestra. Her orchestral work Hav (Ocean) was premiered in Cassels concert hall under the baton of Estonian Toomas Kapten. Other works which have recently been premiered is, Kiev, 2008, Till klarhet (Towards clarity), 2009, Vindar, andetag (Winds, breaths) 2009, Eld och vatten (Fire and water), 2010 and I en gåtfull tid (In a time of mysteries), 2010.
Selected works: Sånger från Angarn (Songs from Angarn)2011,for Mzs, Br, orch, lyrics Göran Hellekant; Blå berg skimrar I motljus (Blue mountains shimmer in backlight) 2013, for cl, 2 vl, vla, vlc; Liten godnattvisa (Little lullaby) 2007 for fl, ob, cor; Längsmed vindarna (Along the winds), 2008, for fl, cl, 2 vl, vla, vlc; Natt I staden (Night in the city), 2008, for 2 tr, cor, trb, tu; När han är framme (When he arrives), 2012 for T, cor, pf, lyrics by Peter Mickwitz; När nattfrosten biter (As the night frost stings), 2008, for fiati quintet and trb; Undran (Wondering), 2012 for fl, vla, pf; Middagssol (Midday sun) 2011, for fag, pf; Ljus (Light), 2003, for S, mixed Coro, 2 cor, timp.

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Minna Kristiina Hokka

Finnish composer. She studied at Whitewater High School in 1992-1995, was Adventure Director at Paasikivi Institute, Turku, Finland in 1995-1996. She has frequented several courses: The ancient sacred song, op. I Reznikoff, 3 days; Harmonic Singing Association and the Turku Christian Institute, 2013. As an artist, work with the elderly, the ESF-funded training Can Square, Turku, Finland, 2012, Window Repair, 2 days, Turku renovation Association, 2010. She has received different grants: for Folk music and conversations with the elderly, the implementation of the project, the Finnish Cultural Foundation 2012 Concerts, the Arts Council of Southwest Finland 2012, Grant Shepherd musical study for the Finnish Cultural Foundation, 2007.
Selected works: Oodi oleinasselle; Tuuletusloitsu; Harmaaturkit; Moukan laulu; Miehen Metteita; Pienoiselle
Awards: Children's songs writing competition, Sock Shock Chess, Turku, Finland.

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Priscilla Hernández

(born in Canary Islands, Spain, resident in Barcelona). Composer and singer-songwriter. multi-instrumentalist and fantasy illustrator. In 2002 she uploaded her first recording track to mp3.com: "I steal the leaves" and later a demo with the same title and other songs. In 2006 she released her debut album "Ancient shadows" under her own company and label YIDNETH. Late 2011 she realeased her second album "The Underliving".
Recordings: Ancient shadows, 2006; The Underliving, 2011.

Contact: priscillahernandez.com