Emmanuelle Gibello

(born in 1971, Paris), composer. She graduated from the Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University with a Master in visual arts in 1999. Since 2001 she's been developing a practice which combines visual art and electronic music. New media technologies have become her tools of choice. She uses new technologies for field recordings, real time multimedia performances or networked performances. Her field recordings are taken from both natural and urban contexts. She uses electronic tools such as the internet, video cameras, microphones and modified microphones to explore concrete and synthetic sounds. This collection contains archival sounds from everyday life as well as more thematic researches conducted during her numerous travels. This library is the starting point for her compositions and live sound mixes. Her work is also inspired by literature (Didier Anzieu, Samuel Beckett, Philippe K. Dick, Haruki Murakami). Texts either have a simple inspirational function or are read and recorded to become a material in her repertoire. She questions the relationship between sound and image, soundscape and memory. She uses sound to revisit urban space aesthetically. Through field recordings of contemporary soundscapes modified by Man, she attempts to offer a fresh perception of the complexity of the modern world. Her electroacoustic works are regularly performed live by her or by other artists. Collaborations: Dominique Blais, Mathias Delplanque, Jérôme Joy, Black Sifichi, Diemo Schwarz, nocinema (Magali Babin, Dinah Bird, Christophe Charles, Yannik Dauby, Chantal Dumas, Jérôme Joy, Luc Kerléo, Alain Michon and Jocelyn Robert), Sobralasolas (DinahBird, Caroline Bouissou, Björn Eriksson, Jérôme Joy, Kaffe Matthews).

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