Anette Goel

(born in 1956, in Glostrup, Denmark), instrumentalist and composer. She plays the harp and was educated at the Royal Danish Conservatorium and Ecole Normale de La Musique de Paris. She made her Debut in Paris in 1984, but she also sings and plays many other instruments like the guitar, piano and saxophone. She has played in many different fields: classical, rhythmycal, folk and contemporary music. All genres inspire her in making and creating music.
Selected works: op. 22 Little Claus and Big Claus, 2002 Arr. for violin and singing, musical Drama theater for children, op. 23 recollection, multi Performance, music written for harp, percussion and audios; op. 24 The boy who would being human, 2003, Musical Drama theater for children sam. with Uta Motz, Jesper Winter; op. 25 My Story, musical Drama theater for children, 2004, music written for voice, violin, tenor recorder and harp; 26 maternal grandfather Paradise 2005, musical Drama theater for children, music written for voice and harp; op. 27 Cash dance, 2007 Dance performance for the 3-5 year olds, music written for harp, saxophone, singing bowl, slide rule and vote; op. 28 The Escape (Oedipus). Music and sound collage; op. 29 Light in the Forest, 2009. Music for harp and sound design; op. 30 An angel came by 2010, musical Drama theater for children music written for harp, viola, song and sound collage; op. 31 Gulliver's Travels, 2012. Music and sound collage composed for theater of the same name.