Selen Gülün

Composer, pianist, vocalist and arranger was born in Mersin, Turkey 1972, started her early education in Music at Istanbul University State The conservatory. After graduating from Istanbul University Business Department at 1992, she continued her Music education at Mimar Sinan University State conservatory in Istanbul. In 1996, she received a talent scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music and graduated from Jazz Composition department at 1998, summa cum laude. She returned to Istanbul at 1998, and completed her master in music at MIAM-Istanbul Technical University Center of Advanced Studies in Music. She has been teaching Piano performance, Music Theory and Composition courses at Istanbul Bilgi University Music department since 1998. Selen Gülün works actively as a composer/performer in various styles of Contemporary Music. She has received many awards for her performances and compositions including Charles Mingus Composition Award, and the British Council Visiting Arts, Creative Collaboration in Music 2003. Her Music was performed in many places around the world including Turkey, Austria, Germany, Holland, England, Italy, France, USA: Boston, New York, Chicago, Brazil, Pakistan, Lithuania and Russia. She has released four albums in order of Just About Jazz Live (recjazz, 2006), Selen Gülün Trio Sürprizler (recjazz, 2006), Selen Gülün by Selen Gülün (re:konstruKt, 2009), and Answers (pozitif, 2010).