Ermitas Garcia Rios


(born on 1973 in A Coruña, Spain) Composer. She began her harmony and counterpoint studies with R. Rodriguez Camacho. In 1998 she obtained a higher education degree in Music Theory at the A Coruña Conservatory. That year she moved to Switzerland to study Musiktheorie at the Winthertur-Zürich Conservatory, doing different research works and composition, until April of 2002. She completed her formation, taking part in the Composition departament activities with L. Berio, D. Schnebel, Ch. Czernowin, E. Nunes or J. C. Risset. Since 2005 she is composition fundaments, harmony and analysis teacher at "Xan Viaño" Profesional Music Conservatory in Ferrol.
Selected works: A caixa de musica, 2008, cl sib, cl basso, vl, pf; O paxaro de lume, 2006, cl sib, cl basso, vl, pf; Arrolo, 2008, fis; Cinco intreslúdicos, 2007, trio (cl sib, vl, pf) or quartet (cl sib, vl, vlc, pf); Cinco pequenas pezas, 2008, fis; Dúas pezas para piano, 2001, pf; Pasacalle, 2008, fis; Sonatina, 2009, fis.

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