Ana Gnjatović

(Belgrade, 4th April, 1984) finished her studies in composition in the Faculty of Music in Belgrade with Milan Mihajlović and is currently on her Ph.D. course in the same institution with Srđan Hofman. In 2005 and 2006 she enrolled in electro acoustic courses with Zoran Erić and Boris Despot while two years earlier, she followed a course in sound design with Đorđe Petrović. She has participated in master classes in Serbia and abroad, with Georges Asperghis, Georg Friedrich Haas, Ivan Fedele, Luca Francesconi, Louis Andriessen and Richard Ayres. In 2008, she won the award and commission given by the Sentieri selvaggi ensemble (for Pixelization), as well as the second prize for Canvas for bass clarinet, viola and piano at the Summer Academy Prague-Vienna-Budapest. Her works have been performed in Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands and in Italy. In 2007 she graduated from the Institute of Commercial Management in Dorset and is founder and executive producer of the KoMA Festival (Young Authors Concerts) in Belgrade. Currently working in the field of cultural management she is an assistant at the Faculty for Culture and Media at the Megatrend University in Belgrade. Her compositions include: Dialogue, Quasi una Serenata (2008), Count-Up, Ego-alter-alter, Rectanglin, ... se osuđujem, Linoleum.