Carmen Marina Gioconda

(born in 1936 in Santander, Spain, resident in Madrid). Guitarist, composer and writer. Her full name is Carmen Julia Pascual Pérez and Gómez Manteca. She studied at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid between 1959 and 1967, obtaining advanced degrees in Guitar and Composition. In 1962 she studied guitar with Andrés Segovia and chamber music with Gaspar Cassadó at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana (Siena). As a concert performer, between 1960 and 1995 she toured Europe, North Africa, Japan and the United States and recorded five albums for the Spanish Music Center, four of them between 1971 and 1972. As a teacher she was Professor of Music at York College of New York (1974-1976), founder and director of the Institute of Guitar Music (1976) and Professor of Music at the Lehmans College of New York (1978-1982). In 1986 she founded the publishing house Editions Giomar to publish her works, editorial soon to be relaunched in Madrid. As a composer she was selected in 1978 to attend the first convention of poetic musical genres Iberia in Atlanta (Georgia, USA). In 1979 she obtained a Hispanic-American scholarship to write music about the Spanish cities. She established her residence in the United States in 1970 and from 1971 she lived in Manhattan, N.Y.
Selected Works: Elegy to Marichu's Death, 1968, chi; Seis Bagatelas (1. Andante; 2. Allegro; 3. Lento; 4. Adagio cantabile; 5. Lento; 6. Allegro Scherzoso), 1972, chi; Trío, 1975, fl, chi, vlc; Trío Capicúa (I. Movido; 2. Lento y expresivo; 3. Allegro), 1987, fl, chi, vlc; Duetrice (I. Andante; II. Largo; III. Rápido), 1993, fl, g; La guitarra y amigos. Obra satírica-poética-musical (C. M.) (1. El chelo; 2. El violín; 3. La flauta; 4. El piano), 1993, s, fl, chi, vl, vlc, pf; Suite para guitarra y orquesta sobre motivos de la ópera Carmen (I. Con Alegría- Meno mosso; II. Largo; III. Enérgico y vital – Meno mosso), 1993, chi, orchestra; Los días de la semana (1. Lunes; 2. Martes; 3. Miércoles; 4. Jueves; 5. Viernes; 6. Sábado; 7. Domingo), 1995, fl, vl (o vla), chi, vlc; La magia de la vida, 2012, chi.