María Zahara Gordillo Campos

(born on 10th September 1983 in Úbeda, Jaen, Spain). Singer and Songwriter. she studied music at the Conservatorio de Música in Ubeda and she is graduated in Magisterio Musical between Almeria and Granada. She combines her career as a composer with an acting career with films such as "Leñador y la mujer américa".
Recordings: Studio Albums: Día 913 (Day 913), 2005; La Fabulosa Historia De... (The Fabulous History Of...), 2009; La Pareja Tóxica (The Toxic Couple), 2011. Singles: Merezco (I Deserve), 2009; Con Las Ganas (With The Feels), 2010; Lucha De Gigantes (Fight of Giants) with Love of Lesbian, 2010; Pregúntale Al Polvo (Ask The Dust), 2011; Leñador y La Mujer América (Lumberjack And The American Woman), 2011; El Lugar Donde Viene a Morir El Amor (The Place Where Love Comes To Die), 2012.
Awards: Winner of the Singer Songwriters Andalusia Contest (Jaen), 1999; Winner of XI International Songwriters Contest (Burgos), 2004; Winner of the Songwriters of the Café Teatro of Pay Pay (Cádiz), 2004; Artist of the month of Onda Expansiva Radio, 2009; Guille Award for Best Chanson, 2010; Music Award for Best Author Revelation, 2010