Rosario González Flores

(Rosario Flores) (born on 4th November 1963 in Madrid, Spain) Singer, Composer and Actress. After an initial foray into music in 1984 with "Vuela una noche", the artist published her first album in 1992 with "De ley", composed mostly by Antonio Flores. After her spectacular debut, repeated success with their second album, "Siento" (1994), again mostly composed by songs from her brother Antonio. A year later, in 1995, Rosario began a tour of Spain and Latin America, which established itself as one of the most reliable performers on stage. In 1996 she published "Mucho por vivir", a clear homage to the memory of Antonio Flores. Following this path in 1999 Rosario takes a turn more rocker to your music with "Jugar a la locura". In 2001 she released "Muchas flores", a tribute to the Catalan rumba. The album includes original compositions and songs signed by Andrés Calamaro and Jorge Drexler. Some time later takes a break to return to cinema with director Pedro Almodóvar, in "Hable con ella". In 2003, Rosario publishes "De mil colores" with their own songs and musicians around again, following the path. In 2006, was released her eighth album, "Contigo me voy" and two years later, in 2008, Rosario publishes "Parte de mí", the album of the soundtrack of her life. In 2009, she published her first "grandes éxitos" in deluxe format. In 2010, singed the theme header TVE series "Cuéntame como pasó" and recorded an album of versions of the 70's for television. It was a year later, in 2011, when it launched a new job, "Raskatriski", recorded in Los Angeles and Madrid, with unreleased songs composed by the artist. In 2012 as a 'coach' of the first edition of "La voz", released an album under the name "Las voces de Rosario" program which would continue as coach in its second edition. Between the two editions, Rosario went to Miami to prepare "Rosario" album that will be released in November 2013.
Selected works: Siento (2x Platinum- Spain), 1994; Mucho por vivir (4x Platinum- Spain), 1996; Jugar a la locura (Gold - Spain), 1999; Muchas flores (3x Platinum - Spain. Gold - Argentina) 2001; De mil colores (Gold - Spain), 2003; Contigo me voy (1x Platinum - Spain), 2006; Parte de mí (2x Platinum - Spain), 2008; Cuéntame, 2009; Raskatriski (Gold - Spain), 2011; Rosario, 2013.
Awards: Rosario's discography contains over thirty Platinum and Gold discs with an extensive record of awards and number one; 2001 Latin Grammy for best female pop vocal album for "Muchas flores"; 2002 Music Award for Best Song for "Cómo quieres que te quiera"; 2003 Latin Grammy for best female pop vocal album by "De mil colores"; 2008 Ondas award for best female pop vocal album for "Parte de mí"; 2008 Eñe Awards for Best Female Solo Performance by "No dudaría"; 2008 Eñe Awards to the best version of "No dudaría"; Casandra Awards 2011, Dominican Republic "Casandra Internacional por su trayectoria".