Elena Gualda Martínez

(born on 9th October 1971 in Granada, Spain). Composer. She studied Music Theory, Piano and Choral Ensemble at the Conservatory of Granada, and Harmony, Counterpoint and Composition at the School of children and young composers of the Association Valentin Ruiz Aznar. As a composer, stands the great amount of electroacoustic work.
Selected works: Abstracto dos, 1985, chi; Abstracto uno, 1983, chi; Abstracto uno, 1983, pf; Dios del fuego, Op. 9, 1990, electr.; He Alauni mi-si- ni, Op. 12, 1992, electr; La laguna calida, Op. 10, 1992, electr; La lenteja viajera, 1987, choir (4 voices); Lucero, 1985, chi; Lucero, 1985, pf; Luz de Belén, 1984, choir (voices- bi).