Christina Goestl

(born in Austria), electronic media artist. She creates interactive applications and open systems, plays with images (s.EXE interactives–visual sequenze, female: pressure MAK nite 2008, Ars Electronica 2001), words ( with Boris Kopeining ) and electronic dance music ( She is a network nomad, lives in the EU and possesses an academic title. She has performed at S.EXE Her Happy Boldness, opening party visuals and installation, Ars Electronica (2001), c++: chra- dark animals, installation and live visuals, female: pressure MAK NITE, female: pressire dvd1(2008), club.ware –infrasemantic sensory modulation, project by electronic media artists boris kopeinig and Christina goestl,
Selected works: s.exe interactive, visual sequencer, my img=alt.img= tmp.img= img shift; viva la vulva recoded.

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