Sole Giménez

(born on 27th February 1963 in París, France). Singer and composer. In 1968 she moved to Spain, settling in Yecla (Murcia). There she joined a choir of girls and, subsequently, the Group Songs and Dances of Yecla. In 1979, along with three fellow Chorus and Dance Groups, created the folk group called Arabi. In 1981 Sole Giménez was installed in Valencia, where she started studying the Fine Arts. Two years later participated in the chorus of a demo being prepared for a radio contest. They formed a group of 11 people and acquired the name of "Presuntos implicados", winning the contest. After that, Sole, Juan Luis and guitarist Pablo Gómez-Trenor, as musical trio, decided to continue with the same name, "Presuntos Implicados", Sole Giménez being the vocalist. The multinational RCA recorded them on the single "Miss Circuitos" and shortly after they published their first album, titled "Danzad, danzad, malditos". Following the publication of their first work, guitarist Paul gave way to musician Javier Vela, with whom they recorded "De sol a sol". In this work, Sole grew as a composer and lyricist, with songs like "En la oscuridad". The next work of the group was "Alma de Blues", in which Nacho was already part of the group, together with the brothers Gimenez. At this point the takeoff of the group began. The trio's musical career continued unabated, with works like "Ser de agua", "El pan y la sal", "La noche" y "Siete", "Versión original" or "Gente". In 2003 Sole Giménez published her first solo album, "Ojalá", while in 2004 the group "Presuntos implicados" published an album entitled "Postales", a work that would be the last because after the promotional tour in 2005 Sole announced her farewell to the group. After a few months off, Sole began her solo career in 2008 releasing an album called "Felicidad".
Recordings: Siete, RCA 1997; Versión Original, WEA 1999; Gente, WEA 2001; Grandes Éxitos, WEA 2003; Selección Inédita, WEA 2003; Postales, WEA 2005; Todas las Flores, WEA 2006. Sole Giménez compositions solo: La Felicidad, WEA 2008; Pequeñas cosas, WEA 2010.

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