María Isabel Garvía Serrano

(born on 8th August 1959 in Barcelona, Spain) Composer, pianist and teacher. She obtained the titles of Professor of Piano, the Superior of Music Theory, Music Theory, Transposition and Accompaniment, as well as Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, Composition and Instrumentation at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Barcelona. She studied Musicology with a grant from the University Foundation Agustí Pedro Pons in 1984 and obtained a grant of musical research of the Generalitat de Catalunya in 1985. She supplemented her training with courses in Ethnomusicology, Conducting and Composition and Instrumentation. She taught harmony, counterpoint and fugue at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Barcelona since 1984.
Selected works: Blau de mar, verd de pi, 1982, choir (voices bi); Canço de la tempestat, 1982, choir (4 voices bi); Collage, Op. 17, 1982, pf; Del meu diari..., 1981, a, pf; Dues elegies, Op. 6, 1980, pf; Dues escenes, 1989, fl, pf; Glossari d'un poeta, Op. 12 (1. Victòria- 2. Joventut- 3. Sofismes- 4. Sageta de foc), 1981, pf; Micro- collage, 1986, fl, ob, cl, fg, tim, perc, vl, 2 vla, vlc; Petita fantasia en tres moviments, 1984, fl, cl, fg, pf, vl, vlc; Scacs, 1989, fl, pf.