Olvido Gara Jova

(born on 1963 in México D.F.) singer and composer. Fundamental figure of the movement known as "Movida Madrileña", which founded several successful bands (Kaka de Luxe, Alaska and Pegamoides, Alaska and Dinarama, Fangoria), which are among the cream of the recent history of Spanish pop. The first one, Kaka de Luxe, originated in a collective punk, which belonged to Alaska and Fernando Márquez "El Zurdo ". Both were the core of an initiative that published their only album in June 1978. Continuing her career, we should speak of the group Los Pegamoides, which brought together Alaska, Carlos Berlanga and Nacho Canut, a trio who were soon joined by Ana Curra, keyboard player, and Eduardo Benavente, battery. They released their debut album in 1982 and after this group disbanded. With the group Alaska y Dinarama they would record the LP "Canciones profanas" (1983) and a year later their second album, "Deseo carnal". Alaska and Nacho eventually form their own group, Fangoria, with a new proposal that is oriented towards a more experimental electronic sound. The first album, "Salto mortal" (1990), involved the collaboration of prominent artists. Over the years they would create their own label, Metal Sonic Disco, and rented a house in Madrid where they set up a recording, studio with which they published their following works. Since 1999, although not published more with their own label, they continued their trajectory, being able to stand out albums like "Una temporada en el infierno", produced by Carlos Jean, "Naturaleza muerta" (2001), "Arquitectura efímera" (2004) or more recently "Cuatricomia" (2013)
Recordings: Un día cualquiera en Vulcano S.E.P. 3.0 (1995); Interferencias (1998); Una temporada en el infierno (1999); Naturaleza muerta (2001); Arquitectura efímera (2004); El extraño viaje (2006); Absolutamente (2009); El paso trascendental del vodevil a la astracanada (2010); Cuatricromía (2013).