Ángela Gallego Sánchez

(born on 1967 in Madrid, Spain) composer, pedagogue and pianist. She studied composition, music education and piano at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid. Her works have been premiered and performed at the LV International Santander Festival, at XXXII International Cervantes Festival (Mexico), in the XIX Festival of Contemporary Music in Havana, in the IV and V Contemporary Cycle of Tres Cantos, in the Festival Hall of Santander, in the IV Cycle musical creation in Cantabria, in the Hall of (Re)premieres Juan March Foundation, the Institut für Romanistik University of Postdam, in the XV's Music Festival Mancha, in the third cycle of Badajoz Contemporary Music and in recent editions of COMA. Currently she teaches Fundamentals of Composition at the Conservatory of Music of Madrid "Teresa Berganza".
Selected works: Gernika, 26/4/1937, Op. 4 e "Picasso- ren Gernika", fis, chamber orchestra; Passacaglia, pf; La perpetua carrera de Aquiles y la Tortuga, fl, ob, cl, fg, cor; St. Peter 796 (I. Largo- Allegro – 2. Largo- Allegro- Largo- 3. Lento sostenuto- Allegro): I. J. Reilly in memoriam, 2003, ob, cor, pf; Suite Argentina, 2002, fl, fis; Suite Argentina, fis, fl, pf; Suite argentina, fis, pf.