Mari Cruz Galatas Ghezzi

(born in Panay, Filipinas, 18th July 1940) composer and pianist. She began studying music theory and Piano under the direction of Mili Porta. She studied harmony, chamber music, counterpoint and fugue with highest honors at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid. She furthered her training and technique in Italy, Paris and the United States with teachers like Joan Molinari, Valentín Ruiz and Joan Guinjoan. As a composer she has written over 250 works for solo piano and various chamber ensembles. In 1995 the Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid organized a series of music commemorating her fifteen years in composition.
Recordings: Átomos de la luz en la Antigua, 2006; Correspondencias vitals: Despertar, 1996; Dual vibrations; En el taller de Balenciaga; Galatas obra de piano, 1981- 1986; In memoriam Marcelino; El Sauce pendular
Selected works: A la jota, jota, 2003, pf, perc; Al aire de su vuelo, 1990; Amor, amor, amore, 1993; Átomos de la luz en la Antigua, 2006; Caprichos goyescos, 1992.