Antye Greie

(born in 1969 in East Germany, resident in Hailuoto, Finland), composer, vocalist, producer, digital song writer, performer, calligrapher and digital media artist. Antye Greie, also known as AGF, was born and raised in East Germany. In the last decade Greie released 20 full length records and played over 300 live performances world wide. The start of her solo work was marked by the artistic exploration of digital technology. On her first solo album, Head slash Bauch, she converted fragments of HTML script and software handbooks into a form of electronic poetry and deconstructed pop. The artist produces visuals for her live performances and installations showing calligraphic stills and experimental video. In 2009, the album EinzelkŠmpfer and an audiovisual installation Reflections On the Wall followed and regained wide attention. Her poetry, which she converts into electronic music, pop songs, calligraphy and digital media, has been presented as live performances and sound installations in museums, auditoriums, streets, theatres, concert halls and clubs throughout Europe, in North America and Asia in festivals such as Ars Electronica Linz, Sonar Barcelona, Transmediale Berlin, Grm Festival Paris. Greie's installation work began in 2000 during a residency at the Berlin Contemporary Art Centre Powedil, where she staged an open source event, by inviting the public to contribute sound and visuals into the performance. In 2001 she wrote the exhibition sound track Berlin Klang, for the Main Sonar Exhibition in Barcelona, and in 2004, in collaboration with Vadislav Delay, she exhibited 21 sound pieces in black boxes and placed them into a white cube at the Garage Festival.
Selected Discography: Beatnadel, 2011 AGF production; Gedichterbe, 2011 AGF production; AGF &Craig Armstrong, Orlando 2011; Filter 2010; Greie Gut Frakion, Baustelle, 2010, Monika Enterprise; AGF/ DELAY Symptoms, 2009; Dance Floor Drachen, 2008; Words are Missing, 2008; The Dolls, The Dolls Huume Recordings; Language Is the Most, 2004 Quecksilber, AGF.
Awards: Award of Distinction at the 2004 Ars Electronica festival with the follow-up work Westernization Completed

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Blanca Esther García Velasco

(born on 1955 in Oviedo, Spain) composer and teacher. She studied music and teaching in Santander. She began her composition studies with Miguel Ángel Samperio, finishing them at the Music Conservatory of Bilbao. Since 1982 she has been professor of harmony at the Conservatory "Jesus de Monasterio" of Santander.
Selected works: Sonata (1. Allegro- 2. Andante- 3. Allegro), 2002, vl, pf; Sonata para piano (1. Maestoso- 2. Andante- 3. Allegretto), pf; Tema con variaciones para flauta y piano, 2000, fl, pf

Carlota Garriga Kuijpers

(born on 21th February 1937 in Amberes, Belgium) Composer and pianist.
When she was four years old she moved to Barcelona where she began her musical training at the Marshall Academy. Years later she directed the academy, with an intense educational work. As a pianist, she has given several recitals and performances as soloist with orchestra. As a composer her catalog of works is not very extensive, with the piano repertoire standing out among her works.
Recordings: Elegía. Orquestra Simfònica de l'Empordà. Carles Coll, Director. 1CM0165; B-10020-072. CDs. Columna música.
Selected works: Cançons populars catalanes para voz y piano (1. Mariagneta, 2. Canço del lladre, 3. L'Emigrant): [arreglo], voice, pf; Claudiana, 1986, fl, pf; Combat del somni, 1993, voice, pf; Divertimento para cuarteto de viento, 1960, fl, cl, ob, fg; Dos poemas, 1997; Elegía: para clarinet (o violin), violonchelo y piano, 1983; Ensayo a dos, 1984, 2 pf; Fantasía concertante: para piano y orquesta de cuerda, 1958, pf, symphony orchestra; Miniaturas: suite para piano solo, 2005, pf.