María Consuelo Giner Tormo

(born on 2nd July 1957 in Alicante, Spain) teacher and composer. She studied piano, harmony, composition, counterpoint and musical pedagogy at the "Oscar Esplá" and the Bachelor of Philosophy and Letters. She has taught the subjects of music pedagogy and music history at the "Oscar Esplá", also as director, and has taught at conservatories in Muchamiel and Alicante. Her pedagogical works include "Música para todos y todos para la musica" (1989) and musicological research "Estética aplicada a la musica" (1981) and "Manuel Berná García: vida y obra" (2002).
Selected works: Conversaciones con mi hija, Op. 4, 1987, sax, cl

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María del Carme Girau

(born in 1940 in Simat de la Valldigna, Spain). Singer and composer. Her brief musical incursion was when she lived in Barcelona, a city to which she moved to study Pharmacy Career. She became a member of Els Setze Jutges in January 1964, entering the same year as Martí Llauradó. Within months of her coalescence into Els Setze Jutges recorded her first EP "Canta les Seves Cançons" (Edigsa, 1964). The following year they recorded the EP "Canta les Seves Cançons II" (Edigsa, 1965). The third and latest album is "País Valencià. Cançons Tradicionals" (Edigsa, 1966), where Maria del Carme honors her land with popular songs. The group Els Setze Jutges broke up and Maria del Carme decided to move to Vigo, finishing her musical career.
Recordings: Canta les Seves Cançons, Edigsa 1964; Canta les Seves Cançons II, Edigsa 1965; País Valencià. Cançons Tradicionals, Edigsa 1966, Les Cançons Dels 3 EP's, P.M. 1998.
Awards: The April 13, 2007, received the Medal of Honor from the Catalan Parliament, in the category of gold, along with other members of Els Setze Jutges.

Maria Ganeva (Geogieva)

(born in 1953, in Sofia, Bulgaria), composer, pianist and pedagogue. She graduated from the State Academy of Music majoring, in Piano under Professor Julia Ganeva and Professor Konstantin Ganev (1976) and in the Chamber Music Master Class (1978). She specialized in piano in Weimar (Germany) under Professor Helen Bosky and Professor Dieter Zehlin. She took part in the piano competitions Ferrucio Busoni, Casagrande and Casela in Italy. She has taught Piano at the Pop and Jazz Music Faculty of the State Academy since 1976. In 2001 she was promoted to Professor. She also taught Piano in Luxemburg and Greece (1989-91). She is among the leading Bulgarian pop music composers. Over 300 pop songs of hers were released on 250 LPs, 22 CDs and 43 audiocassettes. They were performed by the most prominent Bulgarian pop music singers like Margarita Hranova, Silvia Katzarova, Nelly Rangelova, Kristina Dimitrova, Orlin  Goranov, Argirovi Brothers, Rumania  Kotzeva, Georgi Hristov, Veselin Marinov, Vania Kostova. Her songs were published in Bulgaria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland and other countries, the Bulgarian Radio and Television broadcast hundreds of recordings. They were prize winning at a number of festivals among which the Instanbul festival, the Golden Orpheus Festival. She is the author of a piano sonata; chamber pieces for piano; children’s songs. She also wrote textbooks.
Awarded pop songs at: The Festival in Instabul: Love (Third prize, 1979). The Golden Orpheus Festival: Summer in My Memory ( second prize, 1987); July (third prize, 1979); Even in my  Dream, performed by Margarita Hranova (the Gran Prix, 1986); The Burgas and the Sea Festival : It’s not Too late ( second prize and the prize of the audience, 1985).
Selected pop songs: Unexplainable Things (performed by Nelly Rangelova); Self-portrait (performed by Nelly Rangelova); I’ll call You (performed by Georgi Hristov); White Sigh (performed by Silvia Katsarova); I Feel Good; Without a Ticket; Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Knight without Armour (all performed by Kristina Dimitrova); As I Love You (performed by Arguirovi Brothers); In My Day, In My Night; Dawn; Even in my Dream (performed by Margarita Hranova); Longing (performed by G.Stanchev); Unknown; Song out of a Tear (performed by R. Kotzeva); Faith and Love ; Circle (performed by V. Marinov); Promise me a Bright Future ( performed by V. Rangelova); No , I Don’t Want to Go Home; Snow Castling (performed by R. Beleva); love Saved us (performed by Vania Kostova).
Albums: As I love you (1985)
Selected books: Collection of Light Piano Pieces (Sofia, 1989).