Junkal Guerrero

(born on 1968 in Andoain, Guipúzcoa, Spain). Composer, choir conductor, pianist and teacher. She studied at the Conservatory of San Sebastián Music Theory, Piano, Clave, Musical Pedagogy and Choir Conducting. She has directed the choir Alberto Aguirre, Xaramel children's choir and the choir of the Association of Schools of Music of the Basque Country. She currently teaches piano at the Conservatory "Francis Escudero" of San Sebastian.
Selected works: Ave María, 2002, choir (s, a, a); Belatzarena, 2002, choir (s, s, a); Bi Bihotz, 2002, choir (s, s, a), pf; Goazen, goazen, choir (s, s, a); Goazen, goazen korrika, choir (s, s, a); Ilargi dela ilargi, 2004, choir (4 voices- bi).

Lidia Guevara Soto

(born on 10th August 1983 in Barcelona, Spain). Journalist, singer and songwriter. She was part of Black velvet and Bhangra groups, besides lending her voice as a chorus girl to various artists. By becoming part of the project "Adopt An Artist", in a few weeks her followers had provided 10,000 euros which could finance part of their first album, "Elephant's Memory" produced by Little Elephant Records and released on March 22, 2011. Without leaving aside her role as singer, shortly after, Lidia created shortly after the band, Guevara, with Miki Santamaria, Jordi Bastida, Salva Toscano and Cañadell Andreu.
Selected works: Memoria de elefante (Elephant's Memory), 2011

Contact: www.guevaramusica.com

Lilith Guégamian

(born March 28, 1971, Armenia, former URSS, resident in France) composer. Arrived in France, in Paris, at the age of 4, she became interested early on guitar and began to learn to play as an autodidact. In 1984, she studied with Miriam Motta and with Olivier Bensa and finally with Tania Chagnot at the ENM of l’Hay-les-Roses, where she obtained her gold medal with honors. In parallel, she studied harmony and counterpoint in Fontenay-sous-Bois S. Chiapparin and C. Menesson. In 1993, she moved to Lyon and started by teaching guitar at Rillieux-la-Pape, then at Chalamont, then at the Conservatory of Villefranche-sur-Saone. She also appeared frequently on stage, first in the tango quintet Tres y dos, then with the singer Celine Blasco and finally, since 2004, as a soloist with the works of her composition. Her first album, Eclairée par une luciole, was released in December 2007.


Contact: www.editions-rubin.com