Esin Gündüz

Singer, violist and composer, was born in Istanbul, Turkey, 1983. She graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Music Department in 2005. She has successfully earned her master's degree in composition from Marshall University in 2009, where she was accepted as a graduate teaching assistant of music-theory, and ear-training, She served as the president and artistic director for the SCI MU Student Chapter. Her compositions appeared in two CD's by SCI. She's been one of the composers to be selected for David Felder's residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts, in 2010. She has been doing her PhD studies at SUNY Buffalo, USA continue her education with David Felder. Her compositions performed in Turkey, US, and Italy, and the world. . She has been the coordinator of two important chamber music festivals (“Adalar Viola and Chamber Music Festival” and “Klasik Keyifler”), and an international new music ensemble Hezarfen, as well as participating in such organizations with her own works.

Françoise Gangloff

Studied at the Paris National Conservatory of Music (Piano, Sight-reading, harpsichord, composition and Organ) and at the Sorbonne where she received a degree in Musicology. She studied the Organ principally with Gaston Litaize and Rolande Falcinelli. Françoise Gangloff is the President of the International Conservatory of Paris and also Professor at the Paris National Superior Conservatory. She has the double vocation of pedagogue and Concert Artist. She performs all of the standard repertoire for the organ, but is especially interested in promoting new works written by living composers for the Organ ( Tisné, Clostre, Escaich etc ) An avid composer, Françoise Gangloff is also one of the rare women organists who actively promote the art of improvisation at the Organ.

Gabriella Gullin

Gabriella Gullin (born 1961 in Stockholm, Sweden) is composer with a versatile production for choir, chamber ensembles, orchestra, organ as well as vocals. Her Requiem per l’uomo innocente, for Br, mixed Coro, org and perc, was recorded on CD and has rendered interest and reviews both domestic as well as international. The same lable has also recorded her organ music with organist A. Nilsson who graduated with the same works from theRoyal College of Music in Stockholm with these works by her. Gullin has written many works on commission, a 15 minute work for a capella to the Royal Opera in Sweden is one example. She is also involved in a project with the leader from the Royal Opera Choir where she will compose Rilke’s first Duinoelegy for choir and the Royal Opera Orchestra. Gullin is a member of The Society of Swedish Composers.
Selected works: Elegisk raposdi, 1987, for ob, str; Never say no again, 1989, for sax-br, chit, cb; Emmauskantaten, 2013, for mixed Coro, str Quartet, pf, lyrics Luk 24:13-31; Agnus Dei, 1990, for mixed Coro, org; Rachel’s call for Rafael, 2004, for fl; Ave Maria, 1988, for mixed Coro, org, lyrics, Luk 1:28 ; Io amai sempre, 2002, for mixed Coro, lyrics Francesco Petrarca;  Domardansen, Mass, 1999, for 2 soli, 2 mixed choir, 2 org, lyrics Lars Collmar.
Selected recordings: Requiem per l'uomo innocente, 2002, Nosag Records; For those borne in mind, Works for organ 2003 Nosag Records.
Publications direction: Available at Gehrmans Musikförlag and Svensk Musik/Swedmic AB 

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