Beatriz Ferreyra

(born in Cordoba, Argentina, 1937, resident in France), composer. She studied harmony and musical analysis with Nadia Boulanger in Paris (1962-1963), and was introduced to musique concrète and electronic music by Edgardo Canton (GRM France, RAI, Italy 1963) She worked in the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) of the Research Department of the ORTF under the direction of Pierre Schaeffer (1963-1970). During this period, in addition to her musical and audio-visual activities, she worked hard to achieve Solfège de l'Objet Sonore by Pierre Schaeffer. She was in charge of interdisciplinary seminars Research Service. In l970, she became an independent composer. In working on "sound structures" Bernard Baschet, she joined the College Composers of the Groupe de Musique Experimentale de Bourges (GMEB 1975), she was invited to the Department of Electronic Music - Dartmouth College (USA).
She took part on various national and international juries. Since 1967, she has been commissioned works for concerts and festivals, mainly the GRM, the IMEB, the ACIC, the Dartmouth College, USA and "Musiques & Recherches, Belgium. She also composed for ballets, shows, movies, videos. Her works have been performed in France and abroad.
Selected works: Médisances (GRM), 1968 ; Siesta Blanca (IMEB), 1972 ; Echos, 1978 ; Petit Poucet Magazine (IMEB), 1986 ; La ba-balle du chien-chien à la mé-mère (IMEB), 2001 ; Jazz’t for Miles (Computer Music Journal), 2001 ; Cantos de antes (APREM), 2002 ; Dans un point infini (GRM), 2005 ; L’autre  rive (IMEB), 2007 ; Un fil invisible (GRM), 2009 ; Les larmes de l’inconnu (GRM), 2011.