Rikke Lie Flenburg

(born in 1972 in Copenhagen, resident in Copenhagen), composer and singer. She graduated as singer with Diploma from the Rhytmic Music Conservatory in Denmark in 2001.She performed at: Copenhagen JazzFestival, Denmark, SPOT Festival, Denmark, Bylarm, Bergen, Norway, The Blue Moon, Frederiksted, St Croix, Vrgin Islands, The Coconuts Night Club, Maputo, Mozambique-National Television Broadcast. She participated with the song Near the Angels in the Danish TV Documentary Slaves in the Family following Scandinavian descendants of slaves from the former Danish colony of the West Indies.
Albums: Compilation album Danish Roots Growing in the World, 2012; Single Flashback Rikke Lie feat, Tchando, 2010; Eye 2 Eye, Some Company, 2006; Style of Glamour, 2004; Featured on 2 tracks on Banzai Republic 2 Double ALBUM

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Rossella Faa

(Cagliari, 30 Marzo1961),cantante, compositrice. Diplomata in strumentazione per banda nel 1991 presso il Conservatorio“Gioacchino Rossini”di Pesaro, ha frequentato un corso biennale di composizione ed arrangiamento presso la scuola di Siena Jazz dal 1994 al 1995. Ha collaborato con i“Mambo Caliente”,“Agua na boca”,“Lati-Jazz modulator”; si esibisce in importanti rassegne quali “Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz”,“Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival”. Canta e compone per i gruppi “Balentes” e “Baa Ba Quartet”. Insegna canto moderno presso istituti privati e scuole pubbliche.

Silvia Fässler

(born in Austria), composer. In the 1990s she was percussionist for the group "8 Finnen". In the late 1990s, Fassler switched to electronic music with the use of a laptop, synthesizers and various small devices . Primarily solo performances or with the duo Silly (with Billy Roisz). She has performed at the Zeitfluss Festival (Salzburg, 1999); Uchiage, with Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M.ET AL, Porgy & Bess (Vienna 2004), Interctive Audio Installation, Danube Festival (Krems, 2008)
Selected works: life Stages Trio, with Klaus Filip, Noidi Havberl; Silly, electronic Duo with Billy Roisz; Skylla (CD, DEMEGO 001, 2008)

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