Graciane Finzi

(born in Casablanca, 1945, resident in France), composer. She lived in a family of musicians. After studying at the Conservatory of Casablanca, her hometown, Graciane Finzi entered the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris at the age of 10 where she obtained many awards including harmony, counterpoint, fugue and composition. In 1979, she was appointed professor at the Paris Conservatoire. In 1982, she received the Symphonic Promotion prize of the SACEM Promotion Symphonique prize of the SACEM, in 1989, the Prix Georges Enesco, and in 1992, her opera Pauvre Assassin was crowned Prize New Talent Music SACD. In 2001, she was awarded the Grand Prix SACEM for all of her work and, in 2006, the Institut de France assigned the Chartier prize. The SACD has assigned the Music Prize for all her operas. She was a resident at the Lille National Orchestra from 2001 to 2003.

Graciane Finzi will be the guest composer in July 2013 the European Festival of young talents to be held at the Hotel de Soubise in Paris. The greatest interpreters and orchestras, both in France and abroad, have presented her works. Graciane Finzi repertory consists of one hundred works and seven operas including two operas for children, soloists and orchestra choir. Graciane Finzi uses instruments, whether solo or orchestral masses, taking into account their individuality, then the unit by juxtaposed groups each of which has its own dynamism, its impulses, its colour, lifestyle, multiplying and the real parts. The multiple layers of sound organize to form giant harmonies and unexpected colours. In a modern language that uses harmonic progressions and chromatic out of the tone, it sets the poles of attraction between the notes. This allows the understanding of music but never abstract to the immediate expression of life and deep human feelings. Works by Finzi Graciane have been played around the world by leading soloists and orchestras (Paris, New York, London, Rome, Moscow, Helsinki, Vancouver, Nuremberg, Buenos Aires, Cologne, Calgary, Bremen, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Warsaw, Hamburg...
Selected works: Edifice, Concerto for violin and orchestra, first creation Orchestre National de Mulhouse, November, 1978 ; Soleil Vert, for large orchestra, first performance the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio-France, march 24, 1984 ; Univers de Lumière,1991, radiophonic piece , for narrator, soprano, instrumental ensemble, text by Jean Audouze et Michel Cassé, narrator : Michel Piccoli, soprano : Marie Atger ; Concerto for piano and orchestra, first performance Corum Montpellier, april 4, 1997 ;  La Tombée du Jour, 3 lieder with orchestra, first performance Salle Pleyel Paris, october 6, 1998 ; Errance dans la Nuit, Ballade for cello and orchestra, first performance the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio-France, Paris, april 26,  2002 ; Là-bas peut-être, opera for 17 musicians and five singers, dancers and video, libretto : Emmanuelle Marie, first performance the “Grand –Bleu” Montpellier, january 17, 2003 ; Brume de sable, concerto for percussion and orchestra, first performance Salle Pleyel Paris, march 28, 2008 ; Impression Tango, violon, accordion, disc. Maguelone ; Fräulein Else, on the Arthur Schnitlzer novel, libretto : Heinz Schwarzinger, first performance Les Bouffes du Nord Paris, april 15, 2013.

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Ida Fahl

(born in Lidköping, resident Ockelbo/Sweden) is a organist, musician and composer in fields such as pop, classical, commercial and whatever comes in her way. She works as organist in S:ta Birgitta church in Kalmar. Fahl was educated at Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and at Luleå Univeristy in Piteå. In Piteå the studies also included composition and arranging with Jan Sandström, Jan Ferm and Hans Hjortek as well as soloistic and liturgical organ with Gary Verkade and Henrik Alinder. She has worked as a choir director in different churches in Sweden. Fahl has worked as a vocal pedagogue in the jazz and rock field. She runs her own group Trio Arx, founded in 2007, a trio which plays together on eleven different instruments, which was founded in 2007. She has worked with Merit Hemmingsson among others and her music has been performed in Swedish Radio.
Selected works: Since I Was Young; Well, Oh Well; Everyday; Angels of Sadness; High Above; Visa till mor; Koral: Varje stund på jorden; Om jag tror på en Gud; St:a Birgittas bön; Tango.
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Irena Frankova

(born in Czech Republic), composer. She studied at the Janacek Academy of Music.
Selected works: PARTITA II for solo flute; Imagination for marimba and vibraphone