Dolores Fernández Marín

(Lola Fernández) (born in Pueblonuevo, Córdoba, Spain, on 25th June 1961) pedagogue, lecturer and composer. She obtained advanced degrees in Composition, Solfeggio and Theory of Music and Professional degrees in Piano and Classical and Spanish Dance. In the field of composition she is a specialist in electroacoustic composition and in Computer Music. She is the author of the book "Music Theory Improvisation" 1A and 1B. She has taught at the Conservatory "Angel Arias Maceín " of Madrid and summer courses of Improvisation and Musical Pedagogy in Toledo. She has composed music for documentaries, short films, theater and choreography works as well as chamber and electroacoustic music. She is interested in the pedagogical branch of the flamenco, having taught courses in Music Theory, Transcription and Improvisation of this music in the Conservatories of Murcia and Córdoba. In 2004 she published the book "Teoría Musical del Flamenco: Ritmo, Armonía, Melodía y Forma" and in 2008 presented "Flamenco al Piano". She teaches at the Institute of Musical Education "Emilio Molina" (IEM) in the specialty of Flamenco and is a regular speaker at the Aula of Flamencología (University of Alcalá de Henares).
Select works: Cromofonías (1. Abecedari – 2. Mimetisme – 3. Estat d'anim – 4. Calendari), 1996 fl, chit; Cromografías: basada en la obra gráfica de Xavier Puigmartí, 1996, fl, chit; Diktat: musica original para la obra de Enzo Cormann, 1998, fl, fg, cb; Dos valses cruzados, 1999, cl, pf, tape (recorded voices); Elsa Schneider: musica original para la obra de Sergi Belbel, 1998, computer; Ossa Menor: cinc peces per a piano inspirades en l'obra homònima de Joan Salvat- Papasseit, 1994, pf; Puerilitas, 1999, tape; Querencia, 1999, singer, tape; Sta. Bárbara: Música original de la coreografía, 2000, s, choir, computer.
Awards: Her work Ossa Menor, a cycle of five pieces for solo piano, received the First Prize at the XV Concurs International Prize of Young Composers "Frederic Mompou" (1995)

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Elisenda Fabregas

(born in Barcelona, Spain, 1955). Composer, Pianist and Pedagogue. Elisenda received doctorates from Columbia University Teachers College and the Peabody Institute of the John Hopkins University (composition) and a Masters and Bachelors in piano performance from The Juliard School. She is currently Visiting Professor at the Chugye University for the Arts in Korea. Her music has its roots on Catalan lyricism, Spanish passion and rhythmic drive, American eclecticism and, as a classically trained pianist, her music tends towards clarity of ideas and strong voice leading. Fabregas' works have been performed at festivals around the globe and her works have been recorded by the Meininger Trio.
Select works: Symphonie No. 1 for Symphonic Band, 2013; Wandering Spirit for violin and piano, 2013; Ancient Walls for solo violin, 2012; Terra Mater for Symphony Orchestra, 2011; Goyescas for flute, viola and piano, 2008/9; Voices of the Rainforest' for flute, cello and piano, 2007; Hommage à Mozart for piano, 2006; Moments of Change for soprano and piano, 2005; Voces de mi tierra for flute, cello and piano, 2003; Sonata for flute and piano, 1995.
Awards: Shepherd Distinguished Composer of the Year National Award (2001) from the Music Teachers National Association (USA)

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Elsa Filipe

Was born in 1962 in Lisbon. She started her musical studies privately and later completed the general course in organ. She later enrolled in Lisbon's "Amadores de Música" Academy and completed the Musical Formation General Course. She carried on her higher studies and in 2000 concluded the Composition Course at Lisbon's Higher School of Music. She is presently preparing her dissertation on 20th Century Music and Musicology in Paris IV University (Sorbonne) under the orientation of Marc Battier.