Anna Eriksson

(born 1963, Sweden, residence Gothenburg) composer, sound artist and guitarist. Her music is often described as a sound creation with tensions, something between chamber music and sound installation. She has had commissions for a lot of different ensembles and soloists and her music has been performed both domestic as well as abroad. For example, a piece for string orchestra, percussion, guitar, choir, Music Theater gets on well together with speaking parrots, toy robots and self playing candle for cakes. She has studied composition for, among others, Sven-David Sandström at Gotlands Tonsättarskola, and Ole Lützow-Holm at the program for composition at the Academy of Music And Drama at the university in Gothenburg. Erikssson is also a university trained guitar teacher and she works partly as a guitar pedagogue.
Selected works: Under solen, 2008, for 2 S, 2 A, 2 T, 2 B, org, dulc, 2 vl, vla, vla da gamba, vlne, This is not a marimba, 2009, for solo perc; Stjärnskruvmejsel, 2002, for solo chit; Solen går upp och solen går ner, 2002, for Mzs, cb; Pica-pica, 2001, for fl, vlc, live electronic; Pas de deux, 2005, for fl, mar; Papegojan som krympte: en musiksaga för barn och vuxna, 2007,  for chamber ensemble and an actor, fl, cl, 2 perc, cemb, chit, vi,vlc, text by Ted Hughes, translated by Öjevind Lång; Navkapsel, 2007, for 2 vlc; Moose imitating moss, 2005,  for 2 chit; Då börjar man härma olika sorters mossa for vlc.
Publications direction: Available at Svensk Musik Swedmic AB 

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