Ceylan Ertem

Singer, and songwriter, was born in Sakarya, Turkey 1980. She joined the municipal choir and took guitar lessons as a child. She moved to Istanbul in 1999 for further education in music. She studied vocal at Akademi Istanbul and Müjdat Gezen Sanat Merkezi, and continued her education on musicology at Yildiz Techincal University Arts and Design faculty/Audial design department in 2004. With Tunçay Korkmaz, they formed the band 'Anima' at 2000, and released the album Animasal by Sony-BMG in 2006. She toured with Anima exclusively in Turkey, and composed and recorded the soundtrack for the movie Saklı Yüzler by Handan Ipekçi, 2007. She played with various bands, such as Ways: by Şenol Küçükyıldırım, Octophone (Berlin), and Kpar Kpoh Knah. Ceylan Ertem recorded some of the composition of Kpar Kpoh Knah in her first solo album called Soluk, 2010. Gökçen Dilek Acay created the first music video of the album to the song Insandik. Dağhan Iş directed the other music videos for the songs Gidip Dinlenmeliyim, Çok yakın, and Nazim’a. Ceylan prepared a radio program called Şubidap about women jazz musicians of Turkey for Açık Radyo, and documentary videos about women music creators of Turkey of her project of three years Cadı Avı- The Witch Hunt can be found online on Vimeo/CADIAVI.