Karine Dumont

(born in France, resident in Marseille), composer, improviser. After studying literature and administration, Karine Dumont followed the cycle of Jazz CNR Amiens (teachers: W. Razafimbello and H. Krief) and CNR Marseille (teachers: P. Renault and R. Imbert). She was part of the class of electroacoustic music CNR Marseille (teacher: P. Gobin). She attended Alain Gautré on creating Balancelles of Catherine Zambon.  She followed computer software courses at IRCAM (Paris) and sound documentary creation at Phonurgia Nova (Arles). She composes mainly for the theater, especially for the Théâtre Inutile company (Amiens), the Collectif la Glacière (Nantes), the Ches Panses Vertes company (Amiens) and Paroles Buissonnières (Amiens). In addition to the music scene, she composes electroacoustic and radiophonic pieces. She continues to research new ways of musical composition, especially in the field of free improvisation (soprano saxophone, electronic instruments) and focusing on crosses between different artistic disciplines.